Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers

Discussion Questions:
1. Who is Mary Poppins? Where does she come from?
2. What unique qualities does Mary Poppins possess?
3. What chapters were not in the movie and why?
4. What kind of parents are Mr. and Mrs. Banks?
5. What will become of the children after Mary Poppins leaves?
6. Did Mary Poppins leave a meaningful impression on the Banks?
7. After watching "Saving Mr. Banks", do you view the story differently? Why?
8. How well did the movie "Mary Poppins" capture the book and what makes it different?
9. Discuss your favorite parts of the book and movie and why!

Disney's Official Site for the movie:

Summary about the author from Goodreads:

New Yorker Article: Life and Letters:  Becoming Mary Poppins:

Biography about P.L. Travers: Mary Poppins, She Wrote

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The Secret Life of Mary Poppins - BBC Documentary from 1964:

Nine 'Mary Poppins"Facts from "Saving Mr. Banks" that they did not get right:

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